Our Clients

At Peachtree Investment Advisors, we are disciplined and thoughtful investors who enjoy working with clients who share our commitment to fundamentals and long-term objectives. Our goal is to earn your trust and retain it for multiple generations. In working with clients from different walks of life, we’ve found that the common denominator for achieving mutual success is ensuring there is a proper fit in values, goals, and philosophy between the advisor and client. These clients fall into many different categories. Below are some examples of successful relationships we’ve experienced over the years:

Successful Entrepreneur

We are often asked, “At what point should I contact Peachtree if I don’t have enough investable assets right now?” In many situations, the answer is, “Immediately.”

A close friend sought our advice as his business grew and he began receiving significant interest from potential buyers. At the time, the majority of his net worth was represented by the value of his company. However, this presented an ideal opportunity for us to work with him on estate planning strategies. Ultimately, we brought his CPA into the discussion and introduced an attorney to help craft solutions for asset protection, tax mitigation, and prudent discretion for younger beneficiaries. These initiatives resulted in the establishment of a family limited partnership and multiple trusts. From the client’s perspective, it proved advantageous to develop the relationship with Peachtree and implement strategies prior to the sale of his business.

Busy Executive

A busy executive at a Fortune 500 company contacted us back in 2006 to discuss how the family might benefit from our services. As she continued to climb the corporate ladder, her travel schedule called her out of town more often. At one point, the family moved overseas for a few years to further her career development. As work and family commitments continued to increase, they needed help implementing a financial plan and managing their investments. Like many executives, an additional item of consideration was a portfolio concentration in the company’s stock, which increased with each promotion. After analyzing the family balance sheet and discussing goals and objectives, an Investment Policy Statement was developed. In order to ensure that proper asset class diversification was achieved, the concentrated holdings were factored into the investment strategy.

As the relationship with Peachtree grew over the years, the family wanted our advice regarding retirement planning. This allowed us  to utilize our proprietary planning software to run various models and scenarios to address the age-old question: “When can I retire?” With the plan in place, the family remains on track to achieve their retirement and investment objectives.

Retiring Couple

We got to know this husband and wife well during the administration of her mother’s estate. She had been a client of Peachtree’s during her lifetime, and the couple was now serving as co-executors of her will. In collaborating on estate distribution and family communication issues, we developed a sound working relationship with the couple.

As the estate wound down, the husband was also approaching his retirement date. He had been an executive for a large multinational company for over twenty years. Though they were looking forward to enjoying their newfound time together, the couple had some trepidation about the financial ramifications of retirement.

Their assets were scattered among several different brokerage firms and banks that resulted in unnecessary complications when managing and monitoring their investments. We simplified their financial picture by consolidating their capital into fewer accounts, all held by one custodian. At this point, we helped initiate the rollover of his company retirement plan, which was sizeable after many years of service to his employer. As a further benefit, the investment options at Peachtree were far more robust than those offered by the company retirement plan. Additionally, he was due to receive some deferred compensation in the form of cash and stock. Planning discussions with the couple were constructive here in order to consider the timing and tax consequences.

Once the account structure was simplified and consolidated, the couple could more easily measure the value of their ledger. Together we drew up a spending plan and implemented an investment strategy consistent with their objectives. With this road map in place, the couple are moving confidently into the newest phase of their lives with much greater peace of mind.

Multi-Generational Family

Several years ago, we began working with a southeastern family with an initial mandate of organizing and improving the performance of three generations of the family’s investments along with investments within the family business. Given the size of the estate, a secondary effort soon evolved to coordinate strategies to reduce or eliminate a sizable estate tax liability. Over the years, Peachtree, alongside the family’s attorney, designed and implemented a series of Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRATs) and a Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT) for the primary residence. Grantor trusts were established for each of the children and grandchildren and are funded annually as part of the gifting strategy. Direct payments of tuition to colleges and universities (which are excluded from the annual gift limitations) are made on behalf of each of the grandchildren. A Donor Advised Fund was established to channel charitable contributions and mitigate income tax liabilities. Because an estate tax liability still exists for the family under current tax law, a diversified insurance portfolio is maintained and monitored within an insurance trust. Peachtree also oversees bill payment services and provides comprehensive, consolidated reports and financial statements for all of the family investments.

The results of our efforts thus far have been an improvement in the performance of their investment portfolios and a significant transfer of wealth to the next generations of the family resulting in substantial estate tax savings. Additionally, the family office services provided by Peachtree have improved communication amongst family members and created some workflow efficiencies with their other advisors (attorney, CPA, banker, etc.).

Non-Profit Organization

After undergoing a Request for Proposal process, a local charitable organization engaged Peachtree Investment Advisors as its investment manager. At the outset of the relationship, it became clear that the organization lacked formal structure with regard to the management of its financial assets. Our experiences serving on governing boards of similar organizations proved invaluable as we helped the charity:

  • establish an Investment Committee
  • develop an Investment Policy Statement
  • set meeting schedules and reporting expectations
  • align the investment objectives with the charitable mission

Establishing this framework allowed the charity to grow the endowment through donor cultivation efforts and investment success.

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